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Derived Enumeration Type Classes

Figure 5.4: Structure of derived enumeration type classes.

Similar to integer type classes a template is used to build up the required type classes automatically (see Figure 5.4).

template<class R> class enum_type : public enum_base {
R denotes the corresponding enumeration type info class. Note, only static methods defined in the class are executed within the template class.


template<class R> class enum_type : public enum_base {
  // Note, ``R'' is the type info class of the enumeration type and
  // R::low() is a static method which returns the low bound
  // of the enumeration type. Usually, this bound is 0. However,
  // if the current enumeration type is a subtype of another
  // enumeration type, then the values are taken from these
  // type.
  enum_type(const int a=R::low()) : enum_base(a) { };
  enum_type &operator=(const int a) { value = a; }
  enum_type &operator=(const enum_type a) { ... }
  enum_type &operator=(const enum_base a) { ... }

  /* Compare operators */
  int &operator<(const enum_type a);
  int &operator>(const enum_type a);